Sports Massage

Sports Massage treats sports injuries and as a preventative measure in building healthy muscles and connective tissue.Sports Massage is an ideal way to treat certain types of sports injury and it also has a strong preventative factor that can assist in building healthy muscles and connective tissue. Whether you are a professional athlete, a student athlete or a weekend warrior, sports massage is a great solution to achieving and maintaining good form.

The experienced massage therapists at Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center have a great ability to work with you and your goals. Many athletes use sports massage in their preparation for an event and in recovery from a strenuous event. Non-athletes are also recognizing the value of preparation and recovering from physical exertion so that their physical activity contributes to their wellness, not to injury.

Sports massage at Garden Springs can be helpful when you are experiencing soreness or tightness or have suffered an injury from your sports activities. Whether you play team sports or are a golfer, runner, or tennis player, you will find that sports massage is an important tool in maintaining or regaining your edge.

Keep in mind that after-the-fact treatment is not the solo purpose of sports massage. Sports massage is much more than that. A pre-event sports massage is directed toward those parts of the body that will be exerted. There are a full range of benefits from a pre-event sports massage: realization of readiness and relaxation, stress reduction, a stronger sense of confidence and well-being heading into your game and mental sharpness allowing you to visualize and focus. Post-event sports massage, usually done within an hour or two after the event, is a great way to normalize your body's tissues. Restorative Sports Massage is given during your training so that you can push harder with less risk of injury. Rehabilitative Sports Massage is performed to reduce pain and restore your body to health after you have suffered an injury.

There are numerous benefits to post-trauma sports massage including a more rapid healing from injury, swelling reduction, improved range of motion, location and deactivation of trigger points of pain from the trauma that was experienced, and an expert-led rehabilitation that will get you back to your game with less chance of re-injury.

At Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage, our knowledge and experience will go to work for you so that your road to recovery is a straightforward path. We take great pride in our professionalism and do not over promise. But we do over deliver! We see each of our clients as unique and your sports massage will be tailored to meet your needs. We have your overall health, comfort and rehabilitation in our focus at all times. Keep in mind that if Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center is working on a sports injury, it is reasonable to expect that this could take more than one session to rehabilitate and restore you to your optimum. Your investment in sports massage will pay forward as you feel restored and return to your game.