Prenatal Massage

Some typical hormonal changes of pregnancy altered during prenatal massage result in relaxation and less mood swings.During your pregnancy, taking good care of yourself is not about being pampered. It is about taking care of yourself and that new life within you. Making time for yourself, relaxing and restoring your energy are some of the essentials that you need to prioritize in your life and much of this can be enjoyed through prenatal massage.

Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center has an experienced staff that awaits your appointment for a prenatal massage. Our staff has been certified in this specialized form of massage and you can rely upon them to have you and the health of your baby at the core of their therapy.

It has been demonstrated that some of the typical hormonal changes experienced during pregnancy can be significantly altered during prenatal massage, resulting in better relaxation and less mood swings. The hormonal effects from prenatal massage benefit both mother and baby. Some pregnant mothers experience joint swelling and the manipulation of soft tissue during your massage can help to reduce this collection of fluids, a welcomed relief to many of our pregnant clients. Many women find that toward the latter part of their pregnancy, the increased size of baby and uterus results in nerve pressure and pain. An experienced prenatal massage therapist at Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center can help to identify and safely bring relief from this discomfort. Some other issues we can work on with you include:

  • Anxiety
  • Back pain
  • Headaches
  • Quality of sleep

Prenatal massage therapy helps to alleviate many of the issues of discomfort experienced during pregnancy. As our expectant mothers experience this relief, they are able to relax and anticipate the coming event.By experiencing the fresh, soothing and professional environment at Garden Springs, you will find that your prenatal massage is bringing you the comfort that you deserve while you are anticipating the birth of your baby. Whether this is your first pregnancy or you have a household of little actives at home, you will appreciate that prenatal massage is not a splurge. It is a valuable element of your plan for maternal and baby health. It is important that you check with your physician or midwife to be certain that this is a good therapy for you and then contact us at Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center and schedule this massage experience for both you and your baby!

Please be advised that prenatal massage appointments can become somewhat limited, so the earlier you contact us, the better chance we will have of being able to give you your preferred appoitnement time. Also, please let us know how far along you are in your pregnancy, and any issues you may be experiencing.