Chose from Swedish, Deep tissue, Sports (including Restorative and Rehabilitative), Couples and Prenatal massage.Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center has been providing massage therapy in our current location since 2003. Conveniently located just a short distance off Harrodsburg Road, our center has developed an excellent reputation for providing professional massage in a safe and comfortable setting. Our licensed professionals have been trained to perform expert massage therapy to achieve your therapeutic needs. We provide a variety of massage therapies at the Center: Swedish massage, Deep tissue massage, Sports massage (including Restorative and Rehabilitative massage), Couples massage and Prenatal massage.

One of the many benefits of scheduling your massage therapy with Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center is our commitment to effective communication before and during your massage. When you meet your massage therapist at Garden Springs, you will be asked to describe your personal goal for your massage therapy, whether that be simply a precious time-out for yourself, stress reduction, relief from a particular soreness or tension, sports activity preparation, recovery or rehabilitation, a couples shared massage session, a pregnancy-related massage or for numerous other reasons. We will advise you as to which type of massage will best address your needs. We also want to hear from you when your massage is in process so that we don't cause any discomfort and that we give you the depth of massage you prefer. At Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center, we understand that the best communication happens when it is two-way.

Massage therapy is exactly that. It is a treatment using a variety of massage techniques for therapeutic benefit. The physical and emotional benefits derived from massage therapy are many:

  • Sleep disorders, high blood pressure, diabetes, back pain, post-operative healing and some psychological disorders (depression, eating disorders) along with the typical aches and pains of aging can benefit from therapeutic massage.
  • As circulation improves, the body will pump more oxygen and nutrients into your vital organs and tissues.
  • The stimulation of the lymphatic system enhances the body's natural immune system.
  • Overused muscles can be relaxed and softened.
  • Recovery time from strenuous workouts can be reduced for the athlete and the non-athlete.
  • The release of endorphins, the body's natural pain reliever, assists with treatments of chronic illness, injury and post-surgical recovery.
  • Joint flexibility can be improved.
  • Low back pain can be relieved.
  • Migraine headache pain and the need for pain medication can be reduced.

At Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center, our staff is highly credentialed, providing us with the expertise to deliver your massage therapy. Aside from our understanding of the therapeutic benefit of massage to decrease stress and relieve some of the presentations of other types of emotional disorders, our therapists have a thorough understanding of anatomy and physiology. With this knowledge, coupled with your input on what you are experiencing, we will focus on areas of discomfort and the underlying issues contributing to your situation and tailor your massage therapy to your needs.

Contact us at Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center. We look forward to meeting your personal massage therapy goals and fulfilling our corporate goal of providing you with the best massage experience Lexington has to offer!

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