Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage in Lexington KY operates with the goal of delivering the best massage possible. Its licensed professional therapists and its safe and comfortable environment will help you to re-enter your world in peace and closer to your optimum health. It is well-known that therapeutic massage is an effective therapy for relieving stress, for reducing aching muscles and tender tissues, and for specifically focusing on areas of weakness, soreness and injury.

When seeking massage in Lexington KY, you will find that the selection of massages delivered by a well-trained and experienced staff at Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage will clearly offer you the appropriate therapy to address your needs. We will take time to listen to you regarding the issues that need to be addressed so that at the end of your massage you know that the appropriate treatment was delivered.

Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage offers a variety of massage therapies to you when you are looking for your best massage in Lexington KY:

  • Swedish Massage is a traditional form of massage providing a range of benefits including improved circulation, reduced fatigue, improved sleep, reduced anxiety, improved concentration and much more.
  • Deep Tissue Massage releases muscle tension at the same time that it provides relief from deep pain. It can be used to lengthen muscles and effectively loosen scar tissue. If you are experiencing chronic pain or pain from overuse of a set of muscles, deep tissue massage can bring relief.
  • Couples Massage in Lexington, KY is best delivered at Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center. It is the ultimate gift for any occasion, providing benefits to both the giver and the receiver! Couples massage provides a great breakaway from the typical night out with lasting effects that can strengthen your relationship.
  • Sports Massage is used in many ways at Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center. The clients for sports massage in Lexington KY may use this while they are building up their workout for an event, directly before an event to start the event in good form both physically and mentally and right after the event to normalize your body tissues. Rehabilitative Sports Massage is performed to reduce pain and restore your body to health in the event that you suffer a sports injury.
  • Prenatal Massage in Lexington KY is an important element of maintaining a healthy body and spirit during pregnancy. At Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center you will find therapists who have been trained specifically for this type of massage. You will quickly recognize our dedicated interest in assuring you a safe massage that will address whatever issues your body is facing and provide you with a safe, quiet and pleasant environment that will give you an experience focused on you and your baby. We also offer a post-natal massage that will work with you as you return to your pre-pregancy self, assisting you with achieving a healthy balance between your new responsibilities and your healthy self.

The range of massage services is only surpassed by the quality of massage at Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center in Lexington. Our years of experience will provide you with a healthy solution and you can also rest assured that we will be working toward a healthier you when you visit us.