Garden Springs in Lexington is well known for its professionalism, environment, and variety of therapeutic massages.Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center in Lexington, KY is well-renowned for its professionalism, its relaxing environment, and the variety of therapeutic massages available to our clients. We have been providing therapeutic massage in our Center since 2003 and our trained and licensed therapists take pride in our work as we meet the needs of our clients.

Therapeutic massage is well-respected for its many benefits to the client. Probably the most talked about benefit is stress relief and rarely do we see a client at our center who isn't feeling the need to break away from stress. Whether you are simply looking for stress relief, a pampering experience, relief from soreness or tension, assistance with improving your sports performance, recovery from an injury, illness or surgery, a relaxing couples massage or a prenatal massage, we will work with you to determine which form of massage will best meet your needs. When you contact us, we will take time with you to determine what you would like to accomplish through massage. Communicating with you about this will help us to do our best for you and for you to receive the benefit of our targeted therapeutic massage.

There are a number of types of therapeutic massage available to you at Garden Springs Massage Center, Lexington, KY. Our therapists have exceptional training and are able to provide numerous types of therapeutic massage:

  • Swedish Massage - Your session begins with a type of broad, flowing stroke that will begin to calm your nervous system and release exterior muscle tension. As your tension continues to release, your therapist will increase the pressure and begin to move into specific areas needing this relief. The use of long strokes, kneading motions, friction, stretching, and sometimes tapping on the layers of tissue against one another are used to increase circulation.
  • Deep Tissue Massage - Deep tissue massage is similar to Swedish massage but it applies deeper pressure and is used to release chronic muscle tension. It can be very intense. With its focus on realigning deeper layers of muscles, it has the ability to reach the sub-layer of muscles and the fascia (connective tissue) surrounding muscles.
  • Sports Massage - There are a full range of benefits from a pre-event sports massage: realization of readiness and relaxation, stress reduction, a stronger sense of confidence and well-being heading into your game and mental sharpness allowing you to visualize and focus. Restorative Sports Massage is given during your training so that you can push harder with less risk of injury. Post-event sports massage, usually done within an hour or two after the event, is a great way to normalize your body's tissues. Rehabilitative Sports Massage is performed to reduce pain and restore your body to health after you have suffered an injury.
  • Couples Massage – This form of therapy is popular as couples seek effective ways to manage stress, have a pampered experience and enhance their relationship. Using a variety of strokes, your therapist will ensure that you receive the correct massage for your needs.
  • Prenatal Massage - Prenatal massage therapy helps to alleviate many of the issues of discomfort experienced during pregnancy. As our expectant mothers experience this relief, they are able to relax and anticipate the coming event.

Contact us at Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center in Lexington, your providers of professional and effective therapeutic massage, where our goal is to provide you with the best possible therapeutic massage Lexington has to offer.