With our licensed professional therapists, you can be certain that your massage is in a safe, comfortable setting.Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center in Lexington, KY has been in business since 2003. With our staff of licensed professional therapists, you can be certain that you will receive a massage in a safe and comfortable environment. When you are thinking about having a massage, you want to know that your massage will be done by a professional and that your massage will help you to achieve your goals for this treatment.

When you contact us to schedule an appointment, you will be greeted by our owner who will help you to determine which type of massage will be best for you. Our many years of experience help us to ask the right questions of our clients and also to respond to your questions of us. Because we offer a number of different types of massage, communication is important so that we provide you with an excellent experience. We are well known in Lexington for therapeutic massage and our reputation is impeccable. Much of this is due to our efforts to determine and meet your expectations.

When you schedule an appointment at Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center in Lexington, we offer the following therapeutic massage options:

  • Swedish Massage
  • Deep Tissue Massage
  • Sports Massage (May have limited appointments available, so be sure to let us know this is your preference so we can do our best to accomodate you.)
  • Couples Massage
  • Prenatal Massage (May also have limited appointments available, so please let us know how many weeks you are into your pregnancy and any issues you may be having.)

You may want a massage to rid your body of the effects of every day life on your body. You may have specific tension or soreness that you want to eliminate. You may be recovering from an illness, injury or surgery and want to enhance your healing experience through massage. You may be an athlete, amateur or professional, preparing for or recovering from an event and you want your body to be at optimum for this. You may be pregnant or recovering from having a baby and want to implement massage in order to ease the normal bodily changes that occur during this time.

We specialize in Couples Massage and we have an excellent facility for providing this popular service at Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center. When couples are able to share this experience, it provides them the benefit of a break from routine, the physical benefits of a massage and a wonderful shared experience.

Garden Springs, a Lexington Therapeutic Massage center, has therapists who are specifically trained and certified to perform all these specific services with the techniques specifically useful for your needs. We also offer gift certificates so you can give someone the experience that they so deserve.

In Lexington, therapeutic massage at Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center will reflect our training, our professionalism and our goal to provide you with the best therapeutic massage possible. Contact us so that we can put our expertise to work for you!


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