Couples Massage Spa

A couples massage is a great experience for couples, friends or family at Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center.Looking for a couples massage spa?  Grab your significant other or best friend and escape to Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center in Lexington for a relaxing couples massage.  The two of you will receive simultaneous massages that allow you to enjoy deep relaxation together from start to finish.  This signature body treatment includes long, fluid movements to gently relieve muscle tension, relieve stress and promote well-being. 

At Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center, our goal is for you and your partner to feel like you are on a spa vacation, just a few minutes from your home.  It’s the perfect choice for people who love massage to introduce the benefits of massage therapy to someone who is reluctant to try it on their own.  If you have ever had a full body massage, you know how positive the experience can be.  Couples massage lets you share this therapeutic experience.

The moment you and your significant other or best friend walk into Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center, you are welcomed into an atmosphere of relaxation, greeted by our courteous staff.  To get started, there is an initial consultation with the massage therapists prior to any treatments in order to review session goals and answer any questions.  A couple’s massage is generally offered in a private room with side-by-side tables with two professionally trained therapists who work on each individual at the same time. Our therapists will prepare our clients’ skin with a natural oil on a warmed table with soothing music in the background.  Our professionals will administer whatever form of massage therapy preferred.

A couples massage is a wonderful experience for couples, friends or family.  It’s a great gift that you can give to someone special and enjoy it yourself as well.  If one of you wants to relax, while the other person needs relief from pain, that’s all good.  Our massages are customized to specific needs.  If you are not sure which massage  you would like, let our therapists assist you in making your decision.  Our couples massage spa, located just a short distance off Harrodsburg Road, helps people thrive with a couples massage treatment.   

Our couples massage therapy sessions allow our trained, certified therapists to address the unique needs of both people.  Tight muscles melt away and proper blood flow is restored through therapeutic massage.  Our massage therapists at Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center are uniquely qualified to customize a great experience for the couple.

Our techniques at Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center reverse the negative effects of stress, repair damaged muscles and skin, and reduce pain throughout your body.  A couple’s massage improves circulation, detoxifies the body, relieves tension, improves digestion, enhances muscle tone and increases mental alertness with a full body massage.  Long term effects of professional massage include increased circulation, improved flexibility and a stronger immune system.

At Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center, we’re experts at what we do.  Knowing the best techniques is only part of the process.  We’re here to make our customers feel great.  Complete happiness is of utmost importance.  We guarantee our all-natural products help with that extra feeling of Zen. Our professional massage therapists will help to revitalize and relax your body.

There’s no better couples massage spa in Lexington than Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center, off Lane Allen Road near Harrodsburg Road.  We do more couples massages than any other type of massage.  Our couples massages are competitively priced at $120 for two people for a full 60 minutes.  We recommend that you book your appointment at least 24 hours in advance.

Couples Massage Special: If you or your significant other has a birthday or anniversary of any kind within the month, it qualifies you for a $10 discount.  Plus, you are entered for a chance to win a free 60-minute Couples Massage in a special drawing on December 21st.