Couples Massage

At Garden Springs, Couples Massage is our most popular therapy. We tailor it to the specific needs of each partner.Date nights can take many forms. You can spend a lot of money and calories at a restaurant, you can argue over a movie selection, or you can treat yourselves to a calorie-free, affordable, mutually enjoyable couples massage. At Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center we believe that couples massage has the power to reduce stress, to untie the knots of complicated lives, to take you back to the basics of comfort and caring for each other. Couples massage is not expensive, it is an investment.

We offer couples the opportunity to unwind together as our experienced therapists do the work. We offer a variety of massages using light to medium pressure, assisting you to relax both physically and emotionally. Using a variety of strokes, our soothing, gentle, nurturing massage has staying power that you will carry home. If you are looking for a stress management program, couples massage can be your answer.

Massage has been demonstrated to assist with sleeping disorders, stress and anxiety, along with the numerous physical benefits of increased circulation, rehabilitation of sore muscles and soft tissue and enhanced endorphin release, the body's natural painkiller and alternative to medication.

While massage carries a perception of pampering and luxury, the reality is that it is a tool for stress reduction, stress increasingly known within the medical community to be an incredibly powerful driver of illness and dysfunction. A couples massage is not a luxury. It is an effective wellness tool. Just as your body needs to be refreshed and rejuvenated, so also does your relationship with your partner.

Couples massage at Garden Springs can also be enjoyed by friends and mothers and daughters. It is a relaxing way to spend time together and share in the process of stress reduction. All couples will enjoy the experience of tranquility and sharing this together. Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center provides couples massage in a shared room or separate rooms. Our massage beds provide comfort with their extra table padding and arm rests. Our soft music and candlelight provide a perfect atmosphere for this shared experience.

Treat yourself. Treat your significant other. Invest in yourselves with a couples massage Garden Springs Therapeutic Massage Center that will close out the elements that complicate your lives and nurture that closeness that brought you together.